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David Burroughs presents at the 2017 Konekt Safe Work Month Expo

Date:  Monday, 16th of October 2017

Time:  10:00am to 12:30pm

Venue: Konekt Office Canberra  |  Suite 42, 2 King St. Deakin  |  Canberra

Cost:  $175 per person / Half day $100 per person (both inclusive of lunch and the afternoon sessions will include light refreshments)

Bookings are essential. To purchase tickets, please email CommuniCorp now!

David Burroughs delivers keynote speech at this year's Konekt Safe Work Month Expo 

Workplace Mental Health – Understanding Your Psychosocial Climate and Systems Based Approaches to Developing a Psychologically Safe and Healthy Workplace 

Terms like Workplace Mental Health, Mentally Healthy Workplaces, Psychosocial Risk, and Psychological Health and Safety have increasingly gained prominence in the international corporate lexicon. Globally, there has been a surge in interest in how the workplace can influence psychological health and the psychosocial factors that need to be addressed to not only mitigate stress and the risk of work-related psychological injury, but to manage and support good mental health. 

The costs and impact of mental –ill health in the workplace have been well quantified, and there has been somewhat of an evolution in how corporate workplaces are tackling this complex issue. Regrettably, despite the huge interest in this domain, most strategic approaches to workplace mental health are destined to fail - many initiatives, despite their best intentions, confuse mental health with mental illness, are inadvertently designed to perpetuate injury and illness, and may even lead to a decline in over workplace wellbeing. 

Looking at lessons learned and international best practice, this seminar will cover contemporary trends in workplace mental health, debunk many of the myths around workplace mental health and demonstrate the critical importance of moving beyond low-impact community, diagnosis and symptom reduction reliant approaches to more systemic and quantifiable efforts.

This candid, informal, interactive and practical two-and-half hour seminar, Dave Burroughs, CEO and Principal Psychologist of CommuniCorp will cover:
  • The practicalities of Psychologically Safe and Healthy Workplaces (PS&HW) Psychosocial Climate, what is it and how do I measure it 
  • Developing a Workplace Mental Health Strategy - why most are destined to failed 
  • Undertaking a Gap Analysis - System, policy, procedural and people considerations 
  • Leadership and other key roles and responsibilities 
  • Determining program effectiveness - what, how and when to measure and what to expect
Konekt and CommuniCorp proudly support Safe Work Month’s 2017 theme of “Sharing safety knowledge and experience benefits everyone”. 

This Expo is sure to deliver insights and strategies to enhance the safety of your workplace, so get in touch and email CommuniCorp now for registration details!


Join the Psychologically Healthy Workplaces Australia and New Zealand LinkedIn Group. It's a hub where like-minded professionals can meet and discuss issues related to this growing area. A great resource, where we post the latest information, relevant articles from international and local sources, white papers, checklists and much more. 

Join now by clicking here, or searching Psychologically Healthy Workplaces Australia and New Zealand through your LinkedIn page.

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