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Senior Executive Business Forum, Melbourne 20th March: Psychosocial Climate

Date:  Tuesday, 20th of March 2018

Time:  8:00am to 10:30am

Location:  Melbourne, VIC 3000

Venue:  Karstens, Level 8 (Room 801), 123 Queen St. 

Bookings are essential. To register your interest, please email

Senior Executive Business Forum, Melbourne 

Psychosocial Climate - The Critical Role of Civility and Supportive Leadership Behaviour

Organisations are increasingly taking a focus on workplace mental health and psychological safety, with ‘psychosocial climate’ featuring more frequently in these conversations. However, when psychosocial climate is unpacked, it appears that many are still focused on individual psychology, rather than preventative workplace factors. 

As a concept, psychosocial climate is widely misunderstood. The real impact of focusing on psychosocial climate is in exploring and maximising workplace factors that can prevent and minimise psychological harm to workplace and workforces. 

Two workplace factors that are frequently overlooked are civility and supportive leadership behaviour. These are two key areas that, when managed and supported properly, can have a huge impact in preventing psychological injury and harm within workplaces. Moreover, these two workplace factors can contribute significantly to workplaces developing more high performing teams, and becoming more psychologically safe and healthy. 

Using real life examples of how these two factors have been managed well (and not so well) and the proactive strategies undertaken by different organisations, this forum will explore:
  • What is ‘psychosocial climate’ 
  • How to better understand your psychosocial climate and organisational needs 
  • Focus area: Civility 
  • The typical approach to workplace behaviour concerns vs. preventative strategies aimed at developing civility 
  • Focus area: Supportive Leadership Behaviour 
  • Best practice strategies for enhancing Supportive Leadership Behaviour 
  • How to measure psychosocial climate and initiative outcomes (beyond attendance rates!)   

To register interest, please email

* Eligibility:  This forum is designed for senior HR/WHS/L&D executives with strategic/operational responsibility for psychological health related initiatives from larger organisations (300+ FTE staff). The content, methodologies and activities/action points within the session are typically only applicable for those with strategic HR/ L&D and WHS oversight in this area.
Given the very limited places available, attendance at this event is by invitation and through expression of interest only
(contact Preference will be given to attendees/organisations who have yet to attend a previous CommuniCorp event and/or are not currently CommuniCorp clients. Representatives and staff from, or affiliated with, corporate training organisations or psychological service providers, HR, WHS/OH&S and management related consultancies are ineligible to attend. Attendance is at the sole discretion of CommuniCorp.

If the session is full please email to be put on a wait list or to be provided with further information about our courses.

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