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Kelsey Brookes

11 Mar 2019

Australia post

11 Mar 2019


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Our national team of registered psychologists has delivered services at over 50 locations around Australia, as well as internationally throughout New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore and beyond. The size and reach of our team ensures that our services benefit organisations wherever they are located.

11 Mar 2019


At Communicorp, we are trusted advisors to our clients and thought leaders in our industry. Our team members are problem-solvers at their core, applying their extensive subject matter expertise to complex people problems across a diverse range of industries.

Organisations entrust us with some of their most complex challenges in the area of workplace mental health, confident that we will deliver on our promise to create a psychologically safe and healthy workplace.

Our national consulting team is made up exclusively of registered psychologists, united by our passion for a proactive and practical approach to workplace mental health and wellbeing matters. Our people are among the most qualified in the field, with a wide range of experience in providing our clients with the capability needed to enhance the effectiveness of their workforce.

Australia Post commissioned Communicorp as they were facing challenges around the safety, care, and wellbeing of their workforce.

The psychologists that comprise our national consulting team are some of the most qualified thought leaders and subject matter experts in the field. They are passionate about the power of prevention and about the importance of adopting a proactive and systemic approach to workplace mental health.

Our industry-leading programs at Communicorp recognise the value of a preventative approach to workplace mental health and the importance of delivering sustainable programs that provide ongoing improvements and results.

The prospect of recognising and responding to wellbeing matters can be confronting and stressful. While many employees, leaders and executives see the compelling business case for promoting workplace mental health, most don’t know how to transform these good intentions into actions that genuinely make a difference.

27 Feb 2019


Personalised coaching can provide a powerful avenue for organisational leaders, high achievers and staff alike to reach personal and work-related goals.

27 Feb 2019


The journey to a creating psychologically safe and healthy workplace is different for every organisation. Rather than adopting a ‘one size fits all’ or tokenistic approach to workplace mental health that fails to achieve results, we are known for our strategic, collaborative and tailored approach to optimising workplace mental health and managing psychosocial risks.

These terms and conditions apply to CommuniCorp Group Pty Ltd, ABN: 89 145 100 223

Booking Terms and Conditions
Please read these terms and conditions carefully before purchasing tickets. By purchasing tickets, you (the “Purchaser”) are agreeing to be bound by the following terms and conditions. If you choose not to be bound by the terms and conditions, the CommuniCorp Group Pty Ltd (the “CommuniCorp”) does not grant you the right to purchase tickets.

CommuniCorp may vary these terms and conditions at any time. Any variations become effective on posting of the revised terms and conditions on CommuniCorp’s website ( By making a purchase after the terms and conditions have been varied, the Purchaser agrees to be bound by the variation.

General Terms and Conditions
Tickets must be paid for in full by two (2) working days prior to an event. CommuniCorp reserves the right to deny entry to delegates with outstanding fees.

CommuniCorp reserves the right to add, withdraw, reschedule or substitute speakers and/or vary advertised programs, prices, venues, seating arrangements and audience capacity.

Dietary requirements must be advised no later than seven (7) calendar days prior to the event. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, the Purchaser acknowledges that failure to provide such notice may result in a meal being served that does not meet their dietary requirements. For complimentary events, CommuniCorp Group does not cater specifically nor take responsibility for any individual's specific dietary needs. Should a participant have specific dietary needs, we encourage them to make their own arrangements.

The use of cameras, audio and video recorders is at the discretion of CommuniCorp and may not be permitted at an event. CommuniCorp reserves the right to broadcast and/or telecast any event and take photos for publication.

Cancellation by CommuniCorp
In the circumstance that an event to be held by CommuniCorp is cancelled by CommuniCorp for any reason, all amounts paid by a Purchaser, less any surcharge for the use of certain credit cards, can be used by the Purchaser as a credit toward a future event or will be refunded by CommuniCorp to the Purchaser.

Cancellation by the Purchaser - Paid Events
In general, unless otherwise stated, event bookings are transferable and if a Purchaser is not able to attend, they may send another person in their place. Please note that prior notice of such a substitution must be provided to CommuniCorp (), 7 calendar days in advance of the event.

If a Purchaser is unable to attend or find someone to take their place, the following policy applies:

1. Cancellations will only be accepted in writing in an email addressed to

2. For notice of cancellation received up to fourteen (14) calendar days prior to the event the Purchaser may choose to either:

a. Apply the full amount, less any surcharge for use of credit cards for the initial purchase, of the purchase price to another CommuniCorp event as long as such event falls within 4 months of the cancellation date.

b. Receive a refund of the purchase price, less any surcharge for the use of credit cards for the initial purchase, also less an administrative fee of $50.00, including GST.

3. For notice of cancellation received less than fourteen (14) calendar days prior to the event but up to seven (7) calendar days prior to the event, the Purchaser may apply the full amount, less any surcharge for use of credit cards for the initial purchase, of the purchase price to another CommuniCorp event as long as such event falls within 4 months of the cancellation date. Refunds will not be issued.

4. For notice of cancellation received less than seven (7) days prior to an event no refunds or credits will be given.

Cancellation by the Purchaser - Complimentary/Free Events

For all registrants to complimentary events, a non-attendance fee of $50 AUD (Excl GST) is payable for non-attendance where notification of non-attendance is provided to CommuniCorp Group with less than 7 calendar days notice prior to the event. All proceeds from cancellation/non-attendance fees are donated to CommuniCorp Group's nominated charity. Notice of cancellation or non-attendence is to be sent to .

Entry to events
*For CommuniCorp Group events, strict eligibility criteria apply including: maximum of 2 representatives from any one organisation (1 for senior executive business forums, 6 for paid public workshops); attendees must be senior HR,WHS/OH&S, L&D Executives (e.g. Federal Government EL2 and above) for the complimentary seminars/forums from organisations in excess of 300 full time Australia-based employees and actively looking to source new psychological service/training providers. For those outside of these criteria contact CommuniCorp Group to discuss alternative options.

Representatives and staff from or affiliated with corporate training organisations, psychological service providers, human resource/management consultancies, recruitment, or similar service providers are ineligible to attend.

Attendance is at the sole discretion of CommuniCorp Group.

Restrictions On Use of Materials and Intellectual Property Rights
This event and all of CommuniCorp’s products, materials, services, trade names, marks, and logos are protected by copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property laws, and all intellectual property rights therein belong to CommuniCorp and/or its affiliates and/or its suppliers (collectively, the "CommuniCorp’s Intellectual Property"). Any textual or graphic material you receive, copy, print, or download from this event or online resource centre is licensed to you by CommuniCorp for non-commercial use within your organisation only, provided that you do not change or delete any copyright, trademark or other proprietary notices. You may not sell, reproduce, distribute, modify, display, prepare derivative works based on, re-post or otherwise use any of CommuniCorp’s Intellectual Property in any way.

The content of the material presented in any CommuniCorp seminar/forum/workshop is only to be delivered by CommuniCorp authorised personnel.

Furthermore, you may not use CommuniCorp’s Intellectual Property on any other site or service, in a networked computer environment or in any other medium for any purpose. CommuniCorp Group reserves the right to terminate your access to use any of its intellectual property at any time.

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