Communicorp has been working with Commonwealth Bank to support and establish an overarching wellbeing strategy and aligning capability development programs with this wellbeing strategy to reduce the impact and risk of psychosocial health hazards. In 2016, Commonwealth Bank proactively identified aggressive incidents as a psychosocial hazard. In particular, ‘hotspot’ branches were identified as having higher rates of aggressive customer incidents, indicating an opportunity for staff to be better equipped to deal with the inherent challenges to their role, that being high customer contact and aggressive behaviour.


In partnership with Commonwealth Bank, Communicorp undertook the following actions:

  • Consultation with relevant stakeholders regarding current aggressive customer approach, including policies, procedures and previous training
  • Customisation of ‘aggressive customer’ training package aligned with Commonwealth Bank’s existing approach and wellbeing strategy
  • Flexible approach to the delivery of training in 150 branches in Australia, for both staff and managers in remote locations and out of business hours
  • Built on the existing capability of staff to safeguard against aggressive behaviour through de-escalating strategies, tailored case studies and immediate skill development

Industry Recognition

As a result of these efforts, Communicorp and CBA have been shortlisted as a finalist in the 2019 APS Workplace Excellence Awards for their ongoing work in championing psychologically safe and healthy workplaces.

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