BlueCross recognised a clear need to create a more psychologically safe and healthy workplace, in the context of occupational violence, to best support and protect their aged care staff working in the field. It was noted that:

  • Existing measures to protect staff were largely focussed on physical outcomes
  • Limited consideration had been given to psychological safety
  • There was no clear overarching strategy to best manage occupational violence
  • There were no clear protocols before, during and after violent incidents

Communicorp Solution

In partnership with BlueCross, Communicorp undertook the following actions:

  • Comprehensive assessment of current state, including qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • Development of preventative (primary) measures such as policy development and training
  • Establishment of an early intervention (secondary) framework, including how best to support staff experiencing adverse reactions to occupational violence
  • Defining reactive (tertiary) practices, following violent incidents for those requiring immediate support
  • Agreement of key metrics with which to measure success of the intervention