Dealing with customer aggression in the workplace

An insightful panel discussion focusing on caring for staff during times of heightened emotions and stress.

Recently, Communicorp hosted an hour-long discussion on the thorny issue of OVA or Occupational Violence and Aggression. It’s no secret that the past couple of years have seen a marked rise in the incidence of customer aggression, whether it be low-level (tone of voice, intimidation) or more acute (shouting, threats, actual physical violence). Obviously, this can have a tremendously negative effect on workers and is a definite workplace risk.

Return back to the office and the new 'normal' on a positive note

With COVID-19 easing in some states and workers being urged to return to the office, we ask ourselves - how do we transition back positively and productively when there is so much reluctance to do so?

Our General Manager and Principal Psychologist Mark Oostergo speaks to Bruce Roberts on WIN News Ballarat to provide some great insights and advice on how to return to the new 'normal' on a positive note.

Looking after our own mental health

Our Nicola Hogan caught up with the Australian Hotels Association Victoria to talk about some practical strategies to support mental health during COVID-19.

Supportive Leadership in the Age of Virtual Working

COVID-19 represents an invaluable opportunity for us to take stock of how we lead our people and champion workplace mental health, both now and after this crisis has passed. The evidence is becoming increasingly clear that distance need not be a barrier when it comes to nurturing your people from afar and promoting a flourishing workplace.

Does Culture eat Wellbeing for Breakfast?

Although many organisations understand the importance of mental health and wellbeing, the question of how to transform these good intentions into practical, effective and sustainable actions continues to be hotly debated. 

Working with Surf Life Saving NSW

Our collaboration with Surf Life Saving NSW is something that we are extremely proud of. Learn more from Elisa Walther, one of our talented psychologists, about the importance of proactively supporting the wellbeing of volunteers and staff who save lives on our beaches every day.


The importance of improving employee mental health in an aged care workplace

Irene from Hellocare caught up with Mark Oostergo, our General Manager, at the 3rd Annual Palliative, Aged, Dementia Care forum. Mark shares with us a brief overview of the importance of improving employee mental health in an aged care workplace.?

How do we tackle loneliness at work?

The former US Surgeon General said workplace loneliness is as bad for your health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. In the UK, the government has been so concerned about loneliness that it's appointed its first ever Minister for Loneliness.