The prospect of recognising and responding to wellbeing matters can be confronting and stressful. While many employees, leaders and executives see the compelling business case for promoting workplace mental health, most don’t know how to transform these good intentions into actions that genuinely make a difference.

At Communicorp, we are firm believers that good intentions, in the absence of capability, only go so far when it comes to the creation of a psychologically safe and healthy workplace. In order to cultivate deep and lasting change, it is critical for employees, leaders and executives alike to develop skills and confidence in recognising and responding to wellbeing matters at work before they arise.

Our training & workshops exist to bridge this gap. Each one of our programs is highly practical, interactive, role-relevant and developed with adult learning principles in mind, ensuring a high quality learning experience for everyone involved. Our customised content, engaging case studies and delivery by our national team of senior psychologists maximise in-depth discussion and real-life application.

With all Communicorp offerings, you can expect:

  • Opportunities to tailor our workshop materials to ensure an organisation-specific approach and fit
  • Exclusive delivery by our national team of industry-leading senior psychologists
  • Possibilities for reinforcement sessions to refresh and consolidate the capabilities imparted through all training on an ongoing basis
  • Thorough workshop evaluations to determine the impact of our programs using quantitative and qualitative data
  • A clear return on investment, including reduced compensation and psychological injury costs, reduced absenteeism and presenteeism, enhanced leadership capability, a more supportive workplace culture and improved organisational performance.