Our industry-leading programs at Communicorp recognise the value of a preventative approach to workplace mental health and the importance of delivering sustainable programs that provide ongoing improvements and results.

Who are our programs targeted at?

Communicorp understands that each person’s unique contribution to a psychologically safe and healthy workplace will depend on their role and level in the organisation. With this in mind, we pitch our programs to a variety of audiences including employees, managers, senior executives and HR & WHS personnel. These targeted programs create multiple touch points in order to craft a more systematic and encompassing approach to workplace mental health.

What types of programs do we deliver?

At Communicorp, organisations entrust us with some of their most complex challenges that they have faced during their journey to creating a psychologically safe and healthy workplace. This has provided Communicorp with a unique frame of reference during the process of designing, developing and delivering content that directly addresses the issues encountered by organisations around the world.