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Communicorp are excited to introduce the Postal Network Outreach Program, an initiative funded by WorkSafe’s WorkWell Learning Networks, aimed at supporting Victoria’s postal community. This program targets frontline staff operating Australia Post’s Victorian Licensee Post Offices, Community Postal Agencies, and Contract Parcel Delivery Drivers.

Like many organisations, Victorian frontline postal workers are vulnerable to a number of unique psychosocial risks and challenges which may include exposure to violence and aggression, workplace loneliness and isolation, high and low job demands, burnout, and exposure to dangerous and stressful events. Communicorp aim to understand the psychosocial risks that may lead to mental injury and/or compromised mental health for Licensee Post Office and Community Postal Agency employees and Contract Parcel Delivery Drivers and address them using sustainable and outcome driven solutions aimed at preventing the identified risks for the long-term.

Current State of Psychosocial Risk within the Postal Sector

As psychologists, Communicorp appreciate the importance of evidence-based practice. Accurate identification of the unique psychosocial risk factors within an organisation is fundamental to supporting and promoting mentally healthy workplaces through evidenced-based methodologies. Understanding and benchmarking current state of psychosocial risk within the Victorian postal sector is integral to creating effective solutions within Australia Post Licensee Post Offices and Community Postal Agencies.

Communicorp’s partnership with Australia Post not only commits to making systemic changes that create thriving workplaces within Australia Post’s Licensee Post Offices and Community Postal Agencies over the next two years, but is an opportunity to provide information and research the current state of psychosocial risk within the sector. This will assist communities to remain informed of potential risks and implement strategies to move towards proactive workplace mental health initiatives within the postal community.

Remain Informed

If you would like to receive ongoing communications about Communicorp’s Learning Network and ongoing commitment to improving psychological health in the workplace, contact us to be added to the register.

If you are a Contract Parcel Delivery Driver or work at a Licensee Post Office or Community Postal Agency in Victoria, gaining your input is integral to the success of this initiative. If you would like to speak with the Learning Network Chair or express your interest in being involved in the project, provide your details below to be contacted directly.

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Support Packages

Due to the ongoing change resulting from the pandemic, it is likely that we all are experiencing challenges both personally and in the workplace. Communicorp are proud to provide Australia Post Contractor Delivery Drivers and Licensed Post Office Operators with a number of support packages. These packages aim to provide our target audience with knowledge, tips and guidance that will assist in navigating the unique challenges they are experiencing at this time. Each of the support packages includes a short video and a tip-sheet and can be viewed below.

We all experience change in our lives. For many people change brings on feelings of stress and anxiety. It's important to realise these feelings are normal.

At all organisations we are occasionally confronted by instances of aggressive behaviour from new and regular customers.

It's quite normal when regularly working remotely to feel disconnected and isolated from others.

There are many things that influence us as we go about our work. Our relationships, how much sleep we're getting, and the level of our workload are all elements that cause fluctuations in how we feel at work.

Its normal for our workload to fluctuate, and those fluctuations have the potential to impact our sense of wellbeing.