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Trauma in the workplace panel discussion

We often overlook the exposures we have in everyday life and work.

You may get to the end of the day feeling a little sad. Overwhelmed. Unable to concentrate. You may dismiss it as being busy. Having a lot on. Not sleeping well.

Often we think of trauma as those more overt events - being exposed to heinous crimes, viewing details of sexual assault or being at the coalface of aggressive behaviour. But if you reflect on your day, is it actually a result of seeing something that didn't look quite right, some tension with a colleague or overhearing a conversation that didn't sit well with you?

That incident on its own may be inconsequential, but the events can affect how you think and feel, and your physical wellbeing. If the effects go unmanaged, they can cumulate.

The evidence confirms we are all exposed to trauma in same way, shape or form during our work. It also confirms that these exposures have a cumulative effect.

As a people leader, we need to understand these sources of exposure and make efforts to reduce them as the consequences are broad raging and significant, and as has been demonstrated in recent court cases, a matter of life or death.

We will explore:

  • What is trauma?
  • How to identify potentially traumatic events
  • What are our obligations as senior leaders
  • What are the learnings from recent high court decisions?
  • How to manage exposures
  • Strategies to mitigate the risk of trauma effects

A great session for human resources professionals, health and safety professionals and senior leaders.