An individual’s resilience significantly impacts their mental health, wellbeing and performance in today’s modern workplace. Individuals are often required to produce much more, at greater speed, which can lead to increasing feelings of stress and strain. Understanding how to optimise your resilience in a high pressure environment is a critical element of success.

With this context in mind, the Personal Resiliency Builder (PRB) is a practical yet sophisticated online assessment tool developed by CommuniCorp to help individuals develop a superior understanding of their personal resilience in the workplace. It is a holistic assessment covering behavioural, emotional, social and physical wellbeing factors, all critical to the development of personal resilience.


Individuals who use the Personal Resiliency Builder (PRB) receive:

  • An anonymous and confidential assessment of their personal resilience
  • A personalised, comprehensive report detailing their personal resilience in an accessible, easy to understand manner, along with a series of informational sheets for future reference
  • Practical recommendations about how to optimise their own personal resilience and that of their workplace.