Kelsey Brookes

Kelsey Brookes

20 May 2019

Justin Simmonds

Justin is a clinical psychologist with over 20 years’ experience consulting to organisations.
He is driven by his desire to support organisations create a more harmonious, productive and engaging workplace, where people can come to work and fulfil their potential.

Justin has worked extensively with emergency services and Defence personnel, specialising in critical incident and trauma management. He has trained thousands of professionals across Australia and internationally in areas such as effectively managing mental health, dealing with stress, conflict management and building emotional resilience. He also regularly coaches leaders, providing a space for reflection, insight, focus and growth.

Organisations Justin has supported over the years include Qantas, PWC, Telstra, the NRL, KPMG, AFL, the banks, and a range of government departments such as NSW Police, Sydney Trains and the AFP. This has been in the areas of psychosocial risk assessment, mental health strategy, staff support and supervision, as well as the planning and implementation of health and education programs.

In addition, Justin has always maintained a private practice, supporting people with mental health issues such as Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Depression, Anxiety and addictions. He is also a career coach, helping people better define their goals and transition between roles. He uses cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness-based approaches, and has a particular interest in positive psychology, coaching, health psychology, high performance, motivation and willpower.

20 May 2019

Nicola Hogan

Nicola is a registered and endorsed Educational and Developmental Psychologist with over 13 years’ experience facilitating groups and training programs in a wide variety of educational organisations. An expert teacher, Nicola concentrates on the facilitation of practical skills with personnel across organisational levels to achieve tangible and sustainable solutions. Nicola is a regular presenter, working with groups ranging in size from 6 to 600 participants throughout Australia and the United Kingdom.

Nicola’s primary focus is on evidence-based, developmentally-appropriate approaches to mental health strategy, psychoeducation and wellbeing across the full spectrum of the community. Nicola concentrates on developing a wide range of professional capabilities in her clients including high-level communication, interpersonal, resilience and problem solving skills. At the core of her practice, Nicola focuses on utilising and communicating complex psychological principles in an approachable, uncomplicated and engaging manner.

20 May 2019

Samantha Falon

Samantha is a Consultant Psychologist with a passion for translating psychological science into actionable insights that make a difference to the lives of others. She thrives on solving complex people problems and has a broad range of experience in organisational development, psychometric assessment, career transition, workplace mental health and suicide prevention across a range of industries, including public, private, not-for-profit, government, defence and financial services organisations.

At Communicorp, Samantha supports a range of early intervention and prevention strategies related to workplace psychological health, including workshops, focus groups, strategic reviews and psychosocial risk assessments. She also works in a supervisory capacity for Lifeline Australia, where she provides ongoing assessment, debriefing and skills training to volunteers who support vulnerable members of the Australian community.

Samantha’s additional passion is applied research, which has led her to the pursuit of a PhD in occupational resilience at Macquarie University. In particular, Samantha investigates the capacity for resilience training based on self-reflection to maximise the performance and wellbeing of military personnel in the Australian Defence Force. In all aspects of her career, Samantha is dedicated to helping others flourish, capitalise on their strengths and strive for peak performance.

20 May 2019

Dr Dave Anthony

Dr Dave is an endorsed psychologist with over 15 years’ experience across corporate, government, sport, clinical, forensic, defence, and academic environments. He currently works across a range of corporate and performance domains, providing specialist psychological services to assist individuals, teams, and organisations to move towards more psychologically safe and healthy workplaces. These psychological services include strategic reviews, psychosocial risk profiling and remediation, coaching, and the development and facilitation of psychological training programs focussing not just on mental ill-health and illness, but also on strategies to build and maintain mental health.

Having completed his PhD through the University of Western Australia, Dave’s primary focus was on better understanding the psychosocial factors that lead to the enhancement of human functioning, and exploring the strategies for the enhancement and maintenance of performance. Dave continues to be involved in and incorporate this research into his practice, ensuring his approach follows the most up-to-date practices in an applied setting. He works closely with a range of service providers to provide specialist advice on current best practice, and the practical application of the current theoretical trends. Regardless of the environment, Dave prides himself on working in a way that the client can best identify with and benefit from, whether it be at the individual, team, or organisational level.

20 May 2019

Adrianna Loveday

Adrianna is a registered psychologist with more than 15 years’ experience consulting and leading high performing teams. She is passionate about the power of organisational psychology in elevating human potential and wellbeing at work, and positively driving business outcomes.

With her roots in complex, large-scale organisational change; she offers breadth and depth of experience, agile thinking, and an ability to demystify psychological concepts so that they are meaningful and relevant for her clients. Other areas of expertise include mental health and employee wellbeing, leadership and team development, executive coaching, change management, and psychometric assessment for selection and development. She has held senior leadership roles in a number of global consulting organisations, and has run her own psychology consulting practice.

Adrianna has advised, coached and facilitated for small and large organisations across all industry sectors including- Qantas, IBM, AECOM, Pfizer, NSW Fire and Rescue, FACS, ANZ, NAB, Boral, AFL, Australia Post, Uniting and HCF. She is regularly invited to speak at conferences, both domestically and internationally, and to deliver expert commentary by the media.

Adrianna’s well-honed ability to blend her psychology expertise and commercial acumen enables her to identify opportunities to transform culture, performance, and implement robust, practical and sustainable solutions. She is recognised by her clients for her energy, dynamism, and capacity to challenge them to think about common workplace challenges in a novel way.

20 May 2019

Gladys Akle

Gladys leads the operations teams and is responsible for managing the logistics of all training programmes. She takes great pride in managing multiple programs nationally.

Having previously owned and operated her own business, Gladys brings with her years of experience and understanding of the operational needs of a business. Gladys is able to draw from her past experience to ensure clients’ needs are being met with an exceptional level of service and attention.

After having worked in the events and exhibitions industry for many years, Gladys has a passion for planning and ensuring the client experience is seamless. Together with the operations team, Gladys works to ensure our facilitators have the necessary tools to carry out their tasks in a timely and efficient manner.

20 May 2019

Mark Oostergo

Mark has a broad background beginning his career serving nearly a decade in the Australian Army as a Psychology Officer. This provided him the opportunity to provide individual, team, and organisational psychological intervention both in Australia and overseas on operations. During this time, Mark also had the privilege of working with Australia’s elite special forces in human performance, selection, workplace mental health, and resilience. Mark concluded his career in the military as the commander of a health centre with over a hundred staff across multiple allied health professions. He was awarded an Australian Defence Force Gold Commendation for his motivational and supportive leadership in this role.

Mark has also worked across industry in human factors, human performance, workplace mental health, and executive leadership development. He has extensive experience in selection protocols, organisational and occupational assessments, and providing practical psychological advice to senior executives. He has a passion for delivering tailored workplace interventions to promote positive mental health to create a flourishing work environment.

Mark has had the privilege of working with high performing individuals and teams in healthcare, elite sports, the corporate sector, police and emergency services, and large government departments. This has included NAB, QLD SERT, Charles Gardiner Hospital, Australia Post, CBA, and Defence Science and Technology Organisation. Mark has a strong passion for providing organisational interventions that aim to improve well-being and performance in the workplace. He takes a practical and applied approach to psychology and communicates it in a way that is easily accessible.

20 May 2019

Francy Palma

Francy is a collaborative member of the Operations Team at Communicorp. She is a Business Support Officer and offers administrative support to clients, remote stakeholders and to the Communicorp’s leading team of psychologists. Francy’s strengths include providing logistics related to mental health training and client events, whilst ensuring the delivery of services are effective and lead to a positive outcome for all stakeholders involved. Francy has over 6 years in the psychology field, with a specialisation in clinical psychology. She is passionate about the mental health field and fostering the wellbeing of others.

20 May 2019

Celeste Tripodi

Celeste Tripodi has worn several “hats” in her professional life, and the trend continues in her work as a Senior Consultant Psychologist, trainer and facilitator.

During her career as a public trainer and speaker, Celeste has reached thousands of professionals across Australia. Her program participants have hailed from all different organisational levels, industries and cultures and she has become skilled at creating a learning experience relevant to each person.

She is no stranger to presenting to large audiences, including CEO’s, executive management teams, human resource managers and whole organisations. In that time she has earned a reputation as an engaging, fun and effective professional who delivers results for her clients.

Celeste’s excellent communication skills and supportive, respectful and lighthearted approach have earned her the highest evaluations. She is a dynamic, warm, insightful trainer and speaker who energises and motivates her audiences to discover the best in themselves and others.

Celeste is a lifelong learner and teacher. Before entering the field of organisational psychological health and safety, Celeste has worked in private practice as an Individual and Couples Therapist, School Counsellor, EAP Psychologist, Rehabilitation Consultant and Assessment and Capability Consultant. Celeste has also complemented her professional skills by supervising interns at Amnesty International.

20 May 2019

Helena Koczka

Helena is a registered psychologist with a passion for helping people thrive in their workplace. Recognising the importance of prevention and early intervention, she takes an investigative approach to solving complex organisational issues. This involves utilising strategy and risk assessments to gain a holistic perspective and provide relevant, realistic solutions.

Helena is also experienced in the design, development and facilitation of psychological training solutions in topics such as workplace mental health, resilience and handling customer aggression. She has worked with clients in both public and private sectors, across a range of industries such as financial services, education, postal services and telecommunications. Helena takes great pride in supporting clients with challenging behaviours in the care sector, and in galvanising teams and leaders to have greater impact, and lead more fulfilling lives at work.

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