Kelsey Brookes

Kelsey Brookes

20 May 2019


24 Mar 2019

Barker College

Communicorp has been working with Commonwealth Bank to support and establish an overarching wellbeing strategy and aligning capability development programs with this wellbeing strategy to reduce the impact and risk of psychological health hazards.

The Attorney General’s Department commissioned Communicorp as a proactive approach to preparing their workforce for the anticipated cumulative stress and probable exposure to vicarious trauma given the Royal Commission reviews.

Department of Home Affairs commissioned Communicorp as they were facing challenges in their workforce of cumulative stress and exposure to direct and vicarious trauma.

BlueCross recognised a clear need to create a more psychologically safe and healthy workplace, in the context of occupational violence, to best support and protect their aged care staff working in the field. 

An individual’s resilience significantly impacts their mental health, wellbeing and performance in today’s modern workplace. Individuals are often required to produce much more, at greater speed, which can lead to increasing feelings of stress and strain. Understanding how to optimise your resilience in a high pressure environment is a critical element of success.

11 Mar 2019


11 Mar 2019


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