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Written by   |   28 May 2020

Re-open your business with a healthier, safe and compliant workplace in the post-pandemic world.

We have all been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and the effect of business closures, social distancing and isolation.

As restrictions ease and we find a new way of working, we want to help you support and welcome back the people who make your business a success.

Together with leading experts in workplace health and safety, employee assistance programs and psychological health services from the APM Group, we’ve developed the Welcome Back Program to be customised to any business.

This program enables you to support your workforce with:

  • A safer workplace after COVID-19
  • Informed leaders
  • Supported employees

Our services are delivered by experienced workplace educators, psychologists, occupational health specialists, health and safety experts, rehabilitation and injury management consultants.

Whether it’s completely online or a combination of digital and face-to-face consultations, workshops and practical assets, we’ll shape your program around the current operations of your business.

Tell us about new challenges in your workplace

Call us today on 1800 276 927 or email to see how we can help you give your workforce the welcome back they deserve.

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Written by   |   24 Mar 2020

At Communicorp, we recognise though there is much to gain from face to face training delivery, it can bring significant, operational challenges.

Written by   |   11 Mar 2019

An individual’s resilience significantly impacts their mental health, wellbeing and performance in today’s modern workplace. Individuals are often required to produce much more, at greater speed, which can lead to increasing feelings of stress and strain. Understanding how to optimise your resilience in a high pressure environment is a critical element of success.

Written by   |   08 Mar 2019

The psychologists that comprise our national consulting team are some of the most qualified thought leaders and subject matter experts in the field. They are passionate about the power of prevention and about the importance of adopting a proactive and systemic approach to workplace mental health.

Written by   |   08 Mar 2019

Our industry-leading programs at Communicorp recognise the value of a preventative approach to workplace mental health and the importance of delivering sustainable programs that provide ongoing improvements and results.

Written by   |   08 Mar 2019

The prospect of recognising and responding to wellbeing matters can be confronting and stressful. While many employees, leaders and executives see the compelling business case for promoting workplace mental health, most don’t know how to transform these good intentions into actions that genuinely make a difference.

Written by   |   27 Feb 2019

Personalised coaching can provide a powerful avenue for organisational leaders, high achievers and staff alike to reach personal and work-related goals.

Written by   |   27 Feb 2019

The journey to a creating psychologically safe and healthy workplace is different for every organisation. Rather than adopting a ‘one size fits all’ or tokenistic approach to workplace mental health that fails to achieve results, we are known for our strategic, collaborative and tailored approach to optimising workplace mental health and managing psychosocial risks.

Psychologically Safe & Healthy Workplaces Consulting Services

We recognise the importance of a strategic approach to psychological health and safety in the workplace, and understand what is required to have a genuine impact on an organisation’s psychological wellbeing and bottom line.