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Designed by registered psychologists and adult learning specialists, our programs are evidence-based, relevant and practical.

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Virtual and face-to-face workshops and online learning modules are available and can be customised for your audience. Workshops are typically 3-hour modules delivered in a half day (one module) or full-day (2 modules) format.

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Program participants report increased confidence and skills, and 94% say they would recommend our programs to others.

Manage risk and elevate wellbeing

Manage key psychosocial risks for your business, enhance early help-seeking behaviours and intervention, and reap the benefits of a healthy, happy team.

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06 Jul 2023

Mark Priede

Mark has more than 30 years of experience working as a senior leader in corporate and professional services, and as a management consultant, specialising in leadership development and building positive workplace cultures.

During this time, he has designed and led executive leadership programs and organisation wide cultural transformation initiatives, designed and implemented organisational development strategies, and established an organisation’s internal coaching practice and coaching curriculum.   Working at the individual, team and organisation level his experience spans the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

Mark’s passion is personal and organisational transformation and creating psychologically healthy workplaces where people can thrive and bring their authentic selves.   He has developed a reputation for his calm, deeply curious and pragmatic approach, drawing on his extensive expertise, personal experiences of leadership and his advanced counselling, coaching and facilitation skills to deliver sustainable positive outcomes for his clients.  

06 Apr 2023

Joanna Goh

Joanna is a registered psychologist who is dedicated to helping individuals and organisations achieve peak performance through a proactive and evidence-based approach. She brings a unique perspective to her work that combines both theoretical knowledge and practical expertise to produce sustainable psychological solutions.

Joanna has completed a Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) and Master of Organisational Psychology degree from the University of Queensland. Her dissertation focused on helping leaders create inclusive, high-functioning and healthy teams. Specifically, she looked at developing leadership capabilities to positively influence employee job performance, motivation, and engagement.  As such, Joanna values the importance of building individual and group capabilities to create cohesive and psychologically safe teams.  

Joanna also has a passion for training and development and has experience facilitating and developing capabilities in a broad range of topics such as change management, return to work, health and public policy, recruitment and selection, wellbeing, inclusion and diversity, leadership, and motivation. 

06 Apr 2023

Amanda Rembach

Amanda is an AHPRA registered psychologist with over 20 years of experience working in the consulting and counselling space.  She began her career over 25 years ago working in mental health, before making the move to organisational consulting where she spent several years working in areas such as leadership development, assessment, coaching, performance feedback, facilitating workshops, outplacement and career development. Her interest in wellbeing and helping people thrive led her to counselling and wellbeing, taking on roles that had her working within the student counselling space, in private practice and in perinatal mental health counselling. From this experience she has a solid understanding of wellbeing principles, mental health interventions and supporting individuals to leverage their strengths.  Amanda is passionate about mental health and wellbeing and enjoys supporting organisations to create and maintain mentally healthy workplaces.

Amanda has worked across a broad range of industries and demographics, including government agencies, not for profits, banking, insurance, pharmaceuticals, tertiary education, FMCG.  She is experienced working across the lifespan, having worked with new parents, teens, young adults, graduates, managers, senior executives and retirees.

20 Feb 2023

Alison Brady

Alison has more than 20 years’ experience in the field of organisational development, in senior corporate and consulting roles. She is highly motivated by our purpose, enabling better lives, and the role we play in improving the health, safety and wellbeing of the clients we support.

Prior to her current role, Alison spent two years as Senior Manager, Organisational Development with AMP where she was accountable for people strategy, culture, inclusion and diversity, and employee value proposition. She had the privilege of leading a significant culture transformation program and was a key contributor to the Australian Human Rights Commission “Respect @ Work” industry guidelines, in addition to a range of other people strategy initiatives. 

Throughout her career Alison has worked across a range of industries, including energy, financial services, government, utilities, technology, and pharmaceuticals. She has developed a reputation for her pragmatic and adaptable approach to deliver individual and organisational outcomes.

Alison is a Registered Psychologist with a Masters’ Degree in Organisational Psychology. She holds memberships with the Australian Psychological Society, the College of Organisational Psychologists and the American Psychological Association (foreign affiliate).

Trauma in the workplace panel discussion

We often overlook the exposures we have in everyday life and work.

You may get to the end of the day feeling a little sad. Overwhelmed. Unable to concentrate. You may dismiss it as being busy. Having a lot on. Not sleeping well.

Often we think of trauma as those more overt events - being exposed to heinous crimes, viewing details of sexual assault or being at the coalface of aggressive behaviour. But if you reflect on your day, is it actually a result of seeing something that didn't look quite right, some tension with a colleague or overhearing a conversation that didn't sit well with you?

That incident on its own may be inconsequential, but the events can affect how you think and feel, and your physical wellbeing. If the effects go unmanaged, they can cumulate.

The evidence confirms we are all exposed to trauma in same way, shape or form during our work. It also confirms that these exposures have a cumulative effect.

As a people leader, we need to understand these sources of exposure and make efforts to reduce them as the consequences are broad raging and significant, and as has been demonstrated in recent court cases, a matter of life or death.

We will explore:

  • What is trauma?
  • How to identify potentially traumatic events
  • What are our obligations as senior leaders
  • What are the learnings from recent high court decisions?
  • How to manage exposures
  • Strategies to mitigate the risk of trauma effects

A great session for human resources professionals, health and safety professionals and senior leaders.

22 Jun 2022

Thomas Watson

Thomas is a registered psychologist with a background in educational and developmental psychology. Thomas has over 9 years’ experience working within educational settings to provide evidence-based assessment and intervention to a variety of clients. Thomas also has post graduate research experience in responses to occupational trauma and has a strong understanding in the importance of building and maintaining psychologically healthy working environments.

Thomas is dedicated to working in collaboration with clients to develop engaging, evidence-based approaches to promoting mental health wellbeing within the workplace, and understands the importance of communicating principles and strategies associated with psychological health in an effective and approachable manner. 

An insightful panel discussion focusing on caring for staff during times of heightened emotions and stress.

Recently, Communicorp hosted an hour-long discussion on the thorny issue of OVA or Occupational Violence and Aggression. It’s no secret that the past couple of years have seen a marked rise in the incidence of customer aggression, whether it be low-level (tone of voice, intimidation) or more acute (shouting, threats, actual physical violence). Obviously, this can have a tremendously negative effect on workers and is a definite workplace risk.

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