Dr Sara Kohphet is an endorsed organisational psychologist with 7+ years of consulting experience spanning across industry in both public and private sector. Sara has a keen interest in partnering with organisational leaders and supporting workplaces to move towards a psychologically safe culture. Her experience includes workshop design and facilitation, strategic consulting, team cultural review processes and alignment support, psychometric assessments, solution-focused counselling, career transition coaching and workplace mediation. Sara’s passion and experience in the area of workplace mental health and psychology research translates into evidence-based and innovative training and development workshops in the area of wellbeing and employee engagement. Sara is skilled in applying psychological frameworks and human capital insights to solve workplace issues, and implementing sustainable solutions that supports individual employees, leaders and organisations. Sara is regularly engaged by senior leaders to provide expert advice on workforce capability, cultural change support, and facilitate workshops to teams and organisations in the retail, professional services, and resource sector. She is a seasoned consultant, capable of responding to ad-hoc requests and adjusting her approach to meet the varying needs of her client/audience.

25 Aug 2020

Erin Hegerty

Erin is a seasoned consultant and facilitator with an Honours degree in psychology. Her research thesis focused on how leadership styles and the role of after-work recovery impact employee growth and engagement. As such, Erin is passionate about neuroscience and applying the principles of positive psychology to empower, educate and improve the wellbeing of every individual, team and organisation she works with. 

Erin started her career working extensively with high risk industries across Australia and New Zealand, including mining, construction and utilities. Her role was to predominantly provide psychology-based safety training as well as mental health and leadership training to employees at all levels. Often Erin would work closely with emergency response teams to build their understanding of attentional challenges, cognitive risk factors and how they can improve their wellbeing, stress management and resilience in a hazardous environment. As a part of this work Erin oversaw and conducted large assessments of organisation safety climate, through running focus-groups, analysing trends and reporting back to key stakeholders. Erin has also had extensive experience providing resilience assessments to frontline and leadership staff and works with employees to understand their resilience results and coaches them to develop personal wellbeing action plans. Currently, Erin works with a range of industries and organisations in Brisbane to help them identify and achieve strategic wellbeing and resilience goals.

Erin is passionate about helping people achieve safety and satisfaction in the work they do. Her ability to connect with individuals from any walk of life and to identify relevant and practical strategies for self-care, has played a key role in the success of her projects.

13 Aug 2020

Angela Hann

Angela is an endorsed organisational psychologist with more than 10 years’ experience as a  consultant and facilitator. She believes firmly in ensuring an evidence-based foundation when designing any individual, team or organisational-level solution, while thinking creatively to maximise customer and client engagement. Angela has worked across multiple industries in the public and private sector, to implement solutions that result in real change in awareness, attitude, and behaviour.

Having completed research into employee wellbeing and engagement as part of her master’s degree, Angela is passionate about working with individuals and organisations within the wellbeing space, to increase capability to not only cope, but to thrive. Angela is an experienced and dynamic facilitator, who is committed to creating meaningful, effective, and engaging adult learning experiences. Angela also has considerable experience in the application of psychometric assessment for both development and selection, specifically into high risk roles.

06 Aug 2020

Eliza Cooper

Eliza is a consultant psychologist with a passion for understanding human behaviour and creating environments that foster positive workplace experiences. Eliza spends time building relationships with clients to understand the current challenges they are facing and what strategies are/are not working well for them. She continues to monitor best practice, ensuring that the proposed interventions are in line with current research evidence and therefore aim for sustainable long-term behaviour change.

Eliza has worked with clients in both public and private sectors, across a range of industries such as financial services, energy, welfare, and government. Areas of work have included human resource support, change management, learning and development and culture assessments.

Eliza applies relevant psychological theories and frameworks to assist each client’s unique needs. Completing the Masters of Organisational Psychology at Deakin University, Eliza researched the impact of civility and incivility on the relationship between workload and burnout. She continues to value the importance of workplace relationships on an employee’s psychological wellbeing in conjunction with the implementation of prevention and early intervention strategies to promote psychologically flourishing workplaces.

Our Nicola Hogan caught up with the Australian Hotels Association Victoria to talk about some practical strategies to support mental health during COVID-19.

COVID-19 represents an invaluable opportunity for us to take stock of how we lead our people and champion workplace mental health, both now and after this crisis has passed. The evidence is becoming increasingly clear that distance need not be a barrier when it comes to nurturing your people from afar and promoting a flourishing workplace.

Organisational change can be a significant psychosocial hazard for organisations. This helpful tip sheet will start you thinking on how you can manage this risk and support staff during uncertainty.

24 Mar 2020

Virtual Training

At Communicorp, we recognise though there is much to gain from face to face training delivery, it can bring significant, operational challenges.

As a leading global human services provider, Communicorp is closely monitoring the spread of the COVID-19 (“coronavirus”) pathogen.

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