COVID-19 represents an invaluable opportunity for us to take stock of how we lead our people and champion workplace mental health, both now and after this crisis has passed. The evidence is becoming increasingly clear that distance need not be a barrier when it comes to nurturing your people from afar and promoting a flourishing workplace.

Organisational change can be a significant psychosocial hazard for organisations. This helpful tip sheet will start you thinking on how you can manage this risk and support staff during uncertainty.

24 Mar 2020

Virtual Training

Mental Health Masterclasses

Manage the 3 Bs: balance, boundaries and burnout

Work-life balance, managing boundaries, avoiding burnout these are some of the most common things that people talk to us about.

This session focuses on the importance of self-care in a busy world, how you can find balance, and how essential this is to avoid burnout.

  • The importance of work life balance or integration
  • How to set boundaries that support your wellbeing
  • What is burnout and how to avoid it

Suitable for all employees. Available as a 1 hour webinar or 2 hour workshop.

Lead well: psychosocial risk management

New WHS regulations put a spotlight on factors that impact our mental health at work.

This session adopts a practical, plain English approach to help leaders understand these factors and develop skills to lead for better psychological health and safety.

  • How to identify and address psychosocial hazards in your team
  • Practical strategies to foster psychological safety and team wellbeing

Suitable for people leaders. Available as a 1 hour webinar or 2 hour workshop.

To book a session, please contact or call 1300 855 140.

About virtual training

At Communicorp, we recognise though there is much to gain from face to face training delivery, it can bring significant, operational challenges.

Our virtual learning products have been developed with the recognition that that every organisation is different, and that to meet the needs of an ever-changing workforce, flexibility is imperative.

Our clients look to virtual learning to meet the needs of workers who:

  • Work flexibly
  • Work from home
  • Are geographically dispersed or isolated
  • Seek highly accessible learning environments

Communicorp’s virtual workshops and webinars have been expertly designed to be engaging, practical, interactive and focussed on developing not only capability but also confidence in managing mental health in the workplace.

Our virtual workshops are facilitated live by a senior psychologist with substantial experience in workplace mental health and training delivery.

This method of delivery not only ensures a robust evidence base to our interventions but also a wealth of experience in practical applications that are adaptable to the requirements of participants.

Our online platform enables us to engage the audience through activities such as:

  • Live chat with an AHPRA registered psychologist
  • Interactive polls and Q & As
  • Interactive eWhiteboards
  • Break out rooms for group discussion, live roleplays and targeted facilitator feedback
  • Interactive activity workbooks

As a leading global human services provider, Communicorp is closely monitoring the spread of the COVID-19 (“coronavirus”) pathogen.

Although many organisations understand the importance of mental health and wellbeing, the question of how to transform these good intentions into practical, effective and sustainable actions continues to be hotly debated. 

Our collaboration with Surf Life Saving NSW is something that we are extremely proud of. Learn more from Elisa Walther, one of our talented psychologists, about the importance of proactively supporting the wellbeing of volunteers and staff who save lives on our beaches every day.


Irene from Hellocare caught up with Mark Oostergo, our General Manager, at the 3rd Annual Palliative, Aged, Dementia Care forum. Mark shares with us a brief overview of the importance of improving employee mental health in an aged care workplace.?

The former US Surgeon General said workplace loneliness is as bad for your health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. In the UK, the government has been so concerned about loneliness that it's appointed its first ever Minister for Loneliness.

26 May 2019

Elisa Walther

Elisa is a highly experienced psychologist with 25 years experience consulting to and working within SME’s as well as large organisations. Elisa has a long-standing passion around creating flourishing work environments and has extensive experience developing and implementing workplace interventions to help support the psychological health and sustainable productivity of individuals, teams and organisations. 

The breadth and depth of expertise Elisa has gained across 25 years experience of strategic and transformational consulting has given Elisa a deep level of insight into systemic organisational and people issues which impact organisational success, and solutions which will create real sustainable impact. For this reason, Elisa builds strong relationships with her clients and is a trusted advisor to many C-level executives due to organisational outcomes she has contributed to.

Elisa is highly skilled at aiding organisations, leaders and individuals navigate complex workplace issues and people challenges to create real business results. Her experience spans all aspects of the employee lifecycle; Human Capital Strategy, Talent Management; HR strategy; Leadership Development; Executive Coaching and Facilitation.

With over 2 decades of experience, Elisa has consulted across most industry sectors including: Financial Services; FMCG; Pharmaceutical; professional services; Manufacturing; Construction; and local, State and Federal Government.

Elisa brings with her a rare level of insight and astuteness which enables her to not only provide targeted advice and guidance to organisations and ensure solutions are designed to create lasting impact, but also create ‘Eureka’ moments for clients and participants. Elisa is highly regarded for her perceptive yet common-sense approach and as a highly engaging and memorable presenter and facilitator.

20 May 2019

Gladys Akle

Gladys leads the operations teams and is responsible for managing the logistics of all training programmes. She takes great pride in managing multiple programs nationally.

Having previously owned and operated her own business, Gladys brings with her years of experience and understanding of the operational needs of a business. Gladys is able to draw from her past experience to ensure clients’ needs are being met with an exceptional level of service and attention.

After having worked in the events and exhibitions industry for many years, Gladys has a passion for planning and ensuring the client experience is seamless. Together with the operations team, Gladys works to ensure our facilitators have the necessary tools to carry out their tasks in a timely and efficient manner.

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