20 May 2019

Dr Dave Anthony

Dr Dave is an endorsed psychologist with over 15 years’ experience across corporate, government, sport, clinical, forensic, defence, and academic environments. He currently works across a range of corporate and performance domains, providing specialist psychological services to assist individuals, teams, and organisations to move towards more psychologically safe and healthy workplaces. These psychological services include strategic reviews, psychosocial risk profiling and remediation, coaching, and the development and facilitation of psychological training programs focussing not just on mental ill-health and illness, but also on strategies to build and maintain mental health.

Having completed his PhD through the University of Western Australia, Dave’s primary focus was on better understanding the psychosocial factors that lead to the enhancement of human functioning, and exploring the strategies for the enhancement and maintenance of performance. Dave continues to be involved in and incorporate this research into his practice, ensuring his approach follows the most up-to-date practices in an applied setting. He works closely with a range of service providers to provide specialist advice on current best practice, and the practical application of the current theoretical trends. Regardless of the environment, Dave prides himself on working in a way that the client can best identify with and benefit from, whether it be at the individual, team, or organisational level.

20 May 2019

Gladys Akle

Gladys leads the operations teams and is responsible for managing the logistics of all training programmes. She takes great pride in managing multiple programs nationally.

Having previously owned and operated her own business, Gladys brings with her years of experience and understanding of the operational needs of a business. Gladys is able to draw from her past experience to ensure clients’ needs are being met with an exceptional level of service and attention.

After having worked in the events and exhibitions industry for many years, Gladys has a passion for planning and ensuring the client experience is seamless. Together with the operations team, Gladys works to ensure our facilitators have the necessary tools to carry out their tasks in a timely and efficient manner.

20 May 2019

Mark Oostergo

Mark has a broad background beginning his career serving nearly a decade in the Australian Army as a Psychology Officer. This provided him the opportunity to provide individual, team, and organisational psychological intervention both in Australia and overseas on operations. During this time, Mark also had the privilege of working with Australia’s elite special forces in human performance, selection, workplace mental health, and resilience. Mark concluded his career in the military as the commander of a health centre with over a hundred staff across multiple allied health professions. He was awarded an Australian Defence Force Gold Commendation for his motivational and supportive leadership in this role.

Mark has also worked across industry in human factors, human performance, workplace mental health, and executive leadership development. He has extensive experience in selection protocols, organisational and occupational assessments, and providing practical psychological advice to senior executives. He has a passion for delivering tailored workplace interventions to promote positive mental health to create a flourishing work environment.

Mark has had the privilege of working with high performing individuals and teams in healthcare, elite sports, the corporate sector, police and emergency services, and large government departments. This has included NAB, QLD SERT, Charles Gardiner Hospital, Australia Post, CBA, and Defence Science and Technology Organisation. Mark has a strong passion for providing organisational interventions that aim to improve well-being and performance in the workplace. He takes a practical and applied approach to psychology and communicates it in a way that is easily accessible.

20 May 2019

Francy Palma

Francy is a collaborative member of the Operations Team at Communicorp. She is a Business Support Officer and offers administrative support to clients, remote stakeholders and to the Communicorp’s leading team of psychologists. Francy’s strengths include providing logistics related to mental health training and client events, whilst ensuring the delivery of services are effective and lead to a positive outcome for all stakeholders involved. Francy has over 6 years in the psychology field, with a specialisation in clinical psychology. She is passionate about the mental health field and fostering the wellbeing of others.

An individual’s resilience significantly impacts their mental health, wellbeing and performance in today’s modern workplace. Individuals are often required to produce much more, at greater speed, which can lead to increasing feelings of stress and strain. Understanding how to optimise your resilience in a high pressure environment is a critical element of success.

11 Mar 2019


Head Office
3/338 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Call: 1300 855 140


Our national team of registered psychologists has delivered services at over 50 locations around Australia, as well as internationally throughout New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore and beyond. The size and reach of our team ensures that our services benefit organisations wherever they are located.

11 Mar 2019


At Communicorp, we are trusted advisors to our clients and thought leaders in our industry. Our team members are problem-solvers at their core, applying their extensive subject matter expertise to complex people problems across a diverse range of industries.

Organisations entrust us with some of their most complex challenges in the area of workplace mental health, confident that we will deliver on our promise to create a psychologically safe and healthy workplace.

Our national consulting team is made up exclusively of registered psychologists, united by our passion for a proactive and practical approach to workplace mental health and wellbeing matters. Our people are among the most qualified in the field, with a wide range of experience in providing our clients with the capability needed to enhance the effectiveness of their workforce.

The psychologists that comprise our national consulting team are some of the most qualified thought leaders and subject matter experts in the field. They are passionate about the power of prevention and about the importance of adopting a proactive and systemic approach to workplace mental health.

Our industry-leading programs at Communicorp recognise the value of a preventative approach to workplace mental health and the importance of delivering sustainable programs that provide ongoing improvements and results.

The prospect of recognising and responding to wellbeing matters can be confronting and stressful. While many employees, leaders and executives see the compelling business case for promoting workplace mental health, most don’t know how to transform these good intentions into actions that genuinely make a difference.

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